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The Tindall House

The Tindall House

The Tindall House is an historic, cracker-style house built in 1892, and is considered the oldest existing home in Palm Beach County. The house was built by George Tindall, a Georgia farmer who homesteaded on Palm Point (off Center street in Jupiter). The one-room frame house with a tin roof, measured only 18-by-30 feet, and was built in two sections--a main living room and a kitchen house that were connected with a covered breezeway.

The house was later sectioned off into a main living room, three bedrooms with stairs to the attic. A family with seven children occupied this small space. A chicken coop and an orange grove were placed near-by.

According to Jud Laird, Anna Minear's nephew, the house was sold in the 1920s to Frank J. Laird. "It was moved back from the river," he recalls, "and relocated on property owned by Frank Laird and his new son-in-law Lloyd Minear."

In 1995, Anna Minear donated the house to the Loxahatchee River Historical Museum located in Bert Reynolds's Park. On February 4, 1997, at midnight, a crew from Brownie & Sons needed two semi's, a trailer and a pay loader to load and move the house from Palm Point to the Florida History Center's location. Working all night the crew completed the relocation by 4 a.m.

The pioneer adventures of the Tindall family were significant even before they arrived in Jupiter. George W. Tindall was the son of a British preacher and an Indian chieftain's daughter. George's father, Alexander, left England and eventually settled in Narcoosi, near Kissimmee, Florida, where he married the daughter of an Indian chief.

Part of a large family, George later moved away and traveled to Meigs, Georgia and settled there as a farmer. He married and raised seven children, but in 1885, he and his wife Mary Pilcher Tindall headed for Florida.

The Tindalls loaded their large family into two covered wagons, suffered many privations along a narrow trail and finally, after their four month ordeal settled in Kissimmee. Five years later, looking for better opportunities, the Tindalls hit the trail again and headed southeast to Jupiter.

After other adventures including battles with hunger along the way, the Tindalls arrived in Jupiter and built a small cabin with a palmetto thatched roof and an outside kitchen until the lumber they had ordered for their new home arrived by boat. When the Tindall House was built it stood well against the seasonal storms of Florida. However, during the severe hurricane of 1928, the roof was blown off, but the resilient structure made from Dade County pine survived with little other damage.

The arrival of the Tindall House at its new location on an elevated section of the Florida History Center, finally completes the "Historic: Triangle." Both the Lighthouse and the Tindall House, along with the DuBois House Museum at DuBois Park, create an historic triangle for the three oldest structures in Palm Beach County

The museum plans to restore the house to its turn-of-the-century look to form an exhibit that will include replicas of the kitchen house, front porch and hen house. The Loxahatchee Museum Guild raised funds to provide a restoration architect to ensure that the work done is historically accurate and is providing volunteers to identify and catalog the homes contents.

A recent find in an old trunk was a uniform dating back to the Spanish-American War and according to one volunteer dresses from the 1920s, "the kind that flappers used to wear."

Taken with my camera Nikon D5000
Jupiter, Florida, USA
May, 2nd/2010


Thomas Le Clear: American, 1818–1882

Thomas Le Clear: American, 1818–1882

Interior with Portraits, 1865.

If you this one in the large size, it's like making a visit to the room.

From the catalog of the Metropolitan Museum of Art exhbition "American Stories":

"By about 1865 American artists were beginning to understand the implications of photography for the art of painting. This canvas reportedly was commissioned by the elder brother of the two children—James and Parnell Sidway—posing in the skylit studio. The paraphernalia of painting are upstaged by the photographer and his gear and the landscape is a mere prop, not an awe-inspiring view. Yet Le Clear does not simply tell a story of photography's triumph over painting. At the time the painting was made, James Sidway, a volunteer firefighter in his mid-twenties, had recently died in a hotel fire; his older sister, Parnell, had died in adolescence, more than fifteen years earlier. Thus, Le Clear may be lauding painters who, unlike photographers, could capture more than the moment at hand, invent narrative, and even restore life to individuals who had passed."

camera house catalogue

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