Speed Camera Errors

speed camera errors

speed camera errors - Fatal Error

Fatal Error (Repairman Jack)

Fatal Error (Repairman Jack)

Munir Habib's life has become a nightmare. His tormentor has warned Munir not to report the kidnapping of his family, or they will pay a terrible price. But a friend realizes something is terribly wrong and tells Munir he doesn't have to go to the cops. There's a guy who fixes situations like this--Repairman Jack.

Jack is backed into helping Munir despite his ongoing involvement in the cosmic shadow war between the Ally and the Otherness. Or perhaps because of it. He's chafing at being forced into the defensive role of protecting the Lady, the physical embodiment of the consciousness of the planet Earth.

Meanwhile, the Septimus Order and the Kickers are seemingly working in concert on a plot to extinguish the Lady and open the way for the Otherness to take over our reality. To top it all off, Dawn Pickering finally goes into labor and delivers a baby she only glimpses as it's whisked away, and is terrified by what she sees. Later she's told the baby died, but she doesn't believe it. Neither does Weezy. Neither does Jack.

All these interlocking plots mean doom for humanity. But Jack never gives up or gives in.

85% (7)

Lightroom Match Total Expsoures Error

Lightroom Match Total Expsoures Error

"There was an error calculating the effective exposure for the target photo. No photos were changed."

It seems that Lightroom cannot do its magical Match Total Exposures function on photos without lens data, e.g. when using manual lenses or alternate/vintage glass with adapters because they lack the electronics that communicate lens info and settings to the camera body.

Supposedly, Match Total Exposures will calculate a match value by analyzing and combining the shutter speed, lens aperture, ISO speed the photos were captured at, plus any camera-set exposure compensation.

"Unchipped" lenses do not pass the aperture settings to the camera which records them in a photo's metadata (interestingly, my 7D reports a 50mm focal length but no aperture for unidentified lenses). Attempting to run MTE on those photos results in the above error.

However, Lightroom will play nice with some help. On one of my manual focus lenses i have a chip that can be programmed to tell the camera that a lens of x focal length and y aperture is connected. The aperture setting is not controlled by the camera nor does it reflect the actual aperture setting of the lens. It is merely an identifier recorded in metadata. And Lightroom does a fine job of Matching Total Exposures on photos shot with this chipped manual lens — as long as they are shot without changing actual aperture between shots.

These chips can be found on eBay advertised as "focus confirmation" chips, the cheaper ones provide a "normal" 50mm/f1.4, and more expensive ones are programmable to any focal length and aperture.

Yashica Electro 35 G

Yashica Electro 35 G

Garage sale camera - $5

A first generation Yashica Electro 35 G made in 1969. It has a battery powered aperture priority automatic exposure system that has a unique electronic shutter. The shutter speed is continuous across it's entire range instead of having a series of set shutter speeds. It has a coupled rangefinder that self adjusts for parallax error. It came with a nice, black Yashica eveready case. Just think, a f1.7 lens for $5.00! It does need some internal cleaning, new light seals, and I've got to get the battery issue worked out. But I can't wait to put a 35mm cartridge inside and try it out!

speed camera errors

speed camera errors

Trial and Error

An actor poses as a lawyer to help his sick friend and problems develop. The 2nd most outrageous trial of the century Studio: New Line Home Video Release Date: 02/03/2004 Starring: Charlize Theron Jeff Daniels Run time: 99 minutes Rating: Pg13 Director: Jonathan Lynn

Jonathan Lynn, who directed the hit film My Cousin Vinny, again takes on another lightweight comedy about a trial in a small town featuring a fish-out-of-water defense attorney. Michael Richards (Seinfeld) plays a struggling actor whose best friend, a trial lawyer (Jeff Daniels), is too hung-over to defend a sleaze-ball client before a no-nonsense judge. Richards's goofy character steps in, pretending to be the attorney and accepting the part as just another acting challenge. Lynn brings nothing distinctive to all this fluff, and unfortunately, the script and cast don't click in the same magical way that Vinny did. Richards still looks at the end like a comic waiting for his big-screen break. --Tom Keogh

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